Sunday, August 9, 2009

-New, additude new style m ready to make my blog exciting
.and fresh so to start off im just gonna let yall know whats upand
.where yall can reach me, so thanks alot followers i have 50 and need more.!, tweet me and comment this if you'll
.be tunning in on my new and improved blog.!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Basically, what were gonna do is dance.!
-Polo, with matching cami, yall are bond to show stop any
.party, aeropostale has all affordable fashion, and sale's all and
.every week-end so get your shop on cause thiss out fit has polo a
.cammi sneaker's and cacky short's, xD.!
.polo's are:;12.25.!
.cami's 9.99.!
.Aeropostale kicks:;19.99.!
-Well, more to come peace and love.!

-Some Thing for the Ladies's.!

All Lady's To the Dance Floor
-Rolling out to the beach with the freinds, or going out
.on the town, it's all good when your dressed up in your aero,
.well, this time around i picked out some
.Very Nice Summer out-fit now just what do we have....
.Sripped, top v-neck:;9.99.!
.solid cami:;8.99.!
.Denem burmuda shorts:;22.25.!
.Aero Flipflops:;9.99.!
well, more to come peace and love.!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Behold.!

Samsung Behold
-Now Availible with T-Mobile uses the new touch wiz,
.techonolgy for the touch screen interface
.3 inch screen candy bar form, with three keys end, send
.and Back/Clear button's one speaker, used for "everything",
.to speaker phone music video's everything
.Also a 5.0 megapixel camera with flash a medal, back like stainless
.Steal xD, Landscape, mode als0 on the phone,
.but problems, from the sound of video's kinda lacking
.but, they have also said that the eternaity is just like the
.behold using the same software, the phone is very
.good with mobile internet, but scrolling up and down,
.get's annoying i've heard, rather than swiping, side to side
.over all te samsung behold, is and over all good phone to have
.and very accurate, with it touch screen feature,
,rather than the eternity, or the behold you'll have a gret
.phone with good software.!

-Plz, Subscribe.!

-Plz, Subscribe xD.!

.Well, the video was just something fun i haven't did a vid

.blog before and i saw my boy diggy do it, and i was like that

.is something i should try for my blog

.also, the vide is not really serious just me haveing fun wanting,

.to get people to subscribe to my blog, so plz plz plz

.get freind's family anyone to look at my blog and sub.!


Blow The Speaker's out.!


-Blow out the speaker's with all music graphic tee
.and head phone's galore` ovviously rue 21, is comming
.up with a theme and "hott-ness" i deff the word
.i Beleave, that you will rock your freinds away with
.your music, accesories.!

-Graphic Tee's:;10.99.!
.Accesories:;5.99 xD each.!

.Well, more to come Peace & Love.!

Eat your heart out.!


-Beach wear, Summer wear we in there like

.like swimm wear "ya dig" this out fit is all kind's of

.hotness we got the aero, flip flops again, with the plaid short's and

.matching graphic tee, all affordable all "hotness".!

.Graphic tee on SALE:;5.99.!

.short's also on SALE:;19.75 .!

.and Flip Flops:;12.25 .!

.Well, more to come peace & Love.!